Twin Sister Lakes


Only two of the Twins are actually sisters, and they're not twins! The store is named after a pair of lakes North of Marmora, Ontario, called Twin Sister Lakes, a special place they love to visit as often as possible.

Mary Vander Dussen:

Mary lives and breathes the honey business. Her husband, David, introduced her to the workings of a hive by being a professional beekeeper himself, and she came to love the smell of honey permeating their home as they raised their three daughters. As her husband continues to delve deeper into the world of bees, Mary called upon her fellow Twins to help keep the store alive and be able to offer her family’s wonderful honey to the world.  

Mary's specialties include beeswax candles and honey butter.

Liz Corbett: 

Liz is Mary’s younger sister and has leapt ahead of her into the world of honey. As an avid apiarist herself, she has enjoyed working alongside David in developing ways to protect the bees from the threat of bee mites. Honey isn’t just her job but also her hobby as she tends not only her own hive but the store as well.  

Liz's specialties include making honey granola and, of course, honey itself.

Joan Batchelor­-Smith:

Joan is a fellow Twin joining the sisters in the crusade to share fresh local honey with humanity. She dedicates hours to filling honey bottles and making goodies for the store, and then selling out every week. Mary’s kids often come to the store on closed days and find Joan there with a friendly face and a hello as she pulls on a hairnet and tackles the task of filling jar after jar without spilling a drop.  

Joan’s specialties include beeswax skin creams, granola and other honey based treats.