Before Twin Sisters came to be in the spring of 2009, the honey store everyone in the area has come to know and love was called River Valley Apiaries. Started by David Vander Dussen with the support of his wife, Mary, River Valley Apiaries laid a foundation upon which Twin Sisters Hive and Honey Products could grow. Now, thanks to these two family run businesses, Stirling has had a honey house for over 30 years.

The Twins pride themselves on having created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for their customers. Customers come from all over Southern Ontario for their honey fix ­ some have been coming since the store first opened! Parents who once brought their children to the store are now bringing their grandchildren and showing them the same wonders that have delighted them for decades. Not only do customers get to come in and see the beautifully designed store, but they also get to see behind the scenes. The honey poured straight into the jar, the observation hive that shows bees at work, or, in the summer, how comb honey is made! There is always so much going on at Twin Sisters that it’s like walking into a giant beehive and becoming a bee yourself.  

For all the years that the Honey House has been in Stirling, one thing has never changed: high quality, unpasteurized, delicious local honey. Sourced from local beekeepers, Twin Sisters has never failed to provide sweet and healthy honey products to its customers.